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Turnage  Barber  Shop
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Turnage Barber Shop was established in January 2007 with Don as the only barber.  That worked well for just under 3 years, but the business grew and grew!  Don's wife, Linda, volunteered to go to  barber school to get training as a barber, graduating from New England School of Barbering in Penacook, New Hampshire. Joe Fournier was Linda's classmate in barber school and she recommended him highly as a full time barber since she was only going to be able to work part time.

In November, 2009 the shop functioned with 2 stations and 3 barbers (shared schedules) 
 Don - Joe - Linda

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In November 2010 Linda left to work in her own business as an esthetician.
 Joe and Don were the 2 full time barbers until a third station was added.
To better serve our customers,  Reed started -- April 2012.  .

 April 2012
  Don  --  Joe  -- Reed
 Joe and Reed at work Summer 2012
 Spring of 2013 the business continued to grow.  
June 2013 Toby  joined the crew. 
Toby  -  Don  -  Reed  -   Joe
2013   -------  Don   ---    Toby    ----    Reed    ----    Joe     
In August 2013 Joe had the opportunity to take over a barber shop in Franklin, New Hampshire.  
He left Turnage Baber Shop and opened his shop in Franklin, where he's working still.
  Fournier's Barber Shop
In September 2013 as Joe left, Sarah joined us as the 4th barber just in time for the start of Plymouth State University and the busy fall season. 
Sarah worked with the crew until January 2014 when she left to take a job much closer to her home in the Concord area.  Sara was a beloved barber, quickly winning over the crew and our customers. 

In Mid-January 2014 Tony joined us as the 4th barber.  

Toby  -  Reed  -  Tony  -  Don
In July 2015 Reed left Turnage Barber Shop to get his Master Barber / Stylist Certification,
a one year course at Toni&Guy Hairdressing Academy in Santa Monica, California.
When Reed left, Ray came on as our full-time fourth barber.

Summer 2015
  Tony     ---     Don      ----      Toby     ----     Ray     
. In September 2016 Tony had the opportunity to open a shop in Laconia, New Hampshire.  
By November 2016 Tony had completed the setup and licensing of his shop.  He created his shop from an empty space, much as was done at Turnage Barber Shop.  He set up EXACTLY the way he wanted! 
Mustache Pete's is open with Tony as the barber at 740 Union Avenue in Laconia, almost to Lakeport.

Fortune had it that Reed returned from California just as Tony went out on his own.  Reed began working at Turnage Barber Shop again in Mid-September 2016.

(November 2016) 

 Ray    ---       Toby      ----      Don      ----     Reed     
In late August 2017, Turnage Barber Shop added a 5th barber, David Picard.  Dave had just finished barber school at New England School of Barbering where Linda, Joe, Reed and Toby received training as barbers.  Dave came with the highest recommendations and he lives nearby, so we added the 5th station to serve the students and new customers in the fall.

Pictured below - Top Row from Left 
: Don -Toby - Reed
Bottom Row:
 Ray -Dave
Below is our Waiting Area - January 2007
Reed left the shop in December 2017, and soon after, in February 2018 Anna came on as a barber. The crew below is (from nearest to furthest)  Don - Anna - Dave - Ray - Toby